Robert E. Hunt

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I believe that government at all levels has the task of living within the means taxpayers are providing, In this economy, with so many people hurting, we need to direct all allocations into areas that provide the most value, service and help for the people we serve. I commit to be a fiscally responsible steward of the tax dollars of Dolton

After graduation from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and furthering my education by attaining a Master’s Degree from DePaul University, I have earned the distinguished title of Certified Public Accountant and accumulated over 10 years of accounting experience. Before taking my current position, I served in a similar capacity at my alma mater Hales Franciscan High School where I inspired and encouraged youth to pursue careers in business and accounting.

As well as serving the residents of Dolton as a Trustee I also serve as the Chairman of the Finance committee. My term of office is 2013 – 2017

My goal as Trustee is to monitor the resident’s tax dollars and maximize the services provided by the Village of Dolton.

I am currently employed by Thornton Township as the Director of Finance, the largest township in the State of Illinois. It is my responsibility to prepare and execute a multi-million dollar budget.

I commit to every resident and business owner of the Village of Dolton while serving as Trustee to provide a sustainable budget that delivers the services that the residents and business owners are deserved of.