A permit is legal authority to begin a project and triggers the inspection process. Inspections are performed at various stages of a project to ensure compliance with construction codes. Although compliance with the codes does not eliminate all risks, it does reduce risk to a level considered acceptable by a consortium of code officials, fire officials, construction trade organizations, insurance carriers. Permits and inspections assure that a project meets accepted minimum standards for safety and durability. Permit fees are based upon the cost of the project.

The purpose of a Building Permit is to protect the safety and welfare of citizens in the environment.


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To work as a contractor in the Village of Dolton you must apply for a contractor’s license. For a Contractors or Landscaping license the following is required: An indemnity bond payable to The Village of Dolton and a Certificate of Insurance. In addition to the bond and certificate of insurance, plumbing and roofing contractors must submit a copy of their state license. Electricians must submit their supervising electricians’ license.

Commercial Property

Before the sale/rental/leasing of any commercial property, please contact the building inspector for an inspection of said premises. Call 708-201-3296 to set up an appointment.

Commercial Occupancy Inspections

The Building Department is responsible for administering commercial occupancy inspections for spaces within existing buildings.
Prior to inspection, an application for a commercial inspection must be completed and submitted for review. The cost of a commercial inspection is $70.00. The inspection will determine if your business is allowed to operate at the site you have selected.

Building Permits

Building Permits are a legal requirement of all new construction and most home improvements including demolition, new, replacement and/or property improvement projects. Any work governed by the building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing codes or zoning ordinances require a building permit and inspections for compliance with relevant regulations. Examples include:

Any new structure or addition to an existing structure such as:

• Fences
• Garages
• Decks
• Sheds
• Porches and Patios
• Hot tubs, swimming pools

Alterations such as: 
• Finishing a basement
• Room additions
• New Windows
• New Cabinets
• Counter tops
• New gutters/downspouts
• Cutting of any wall

Any work involving the alteration of electrical, plumbing or heating and air conditioning system such as:

• Hot tubs/Swimming pools

Sewer Connections: Any repairs or alterations to: 
• Asphalt
• Concrete
• Stairs
• Electricity
• Water or sewer connections

Examples of improvements and repairs that do not require a permit are: 
• Painting and wall papering
• Installing stick on tile flooring
• Installing or refinishing trim work such as baseboards, crown moldings, chair moldings, or interior doors and trim

For more information, please contact the Village of Dolton’s Building Department at 708.201.3296