housing-deptThe main function of the Housing department is to inspect homes that are to be sold or rented. They also process paperwork for trusts, quit claims, and land sales.

Along with the sale and rental processes, the Housing Department is the policing department for home upkeep. Any property that falls short of basic upkeep is ticketed through this department. Resident complaints on housing upkeep matters are handled by the Housing Department inspectors and staff.


*All applications must be submitted in person at Village Hall 14122 Chicago Road Dolton IL, 60419 or by mail with payment.


Rental Property

All rental properties in the Village of Dolton are required to pass an annual rental inspection. All landlords are required to obtain a residential rental property license, and complete an inspection.

The cost of a rental inspection is $35.00 per unit. The license is $50.00.
This is an annual cost and must be paid for before April 30th or fees will double.

Any property rented out without a Village inspection is subject to fines.

Property Sales

All property being sold or bought in the Village of Dolton requires an inspection.

Whether the house was bought from an individual buyer, a bank, HUD, at an auction or tax sale, an inspection is required to assess the condition of the property. The cost for sale inspections is $200.00. At the time of payment, an appointment will be made to inspect the property.

All properties being sold in an “As Is” condition will require an escrow to be placed with the Village to bring the property up to code.

All property sold in Dolton requires a Water Transfer Stamp to record the deed. A transfer tax is assessed on all sold property.

Property Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance of property is essential to maintain property values and it also helps to provide a safe and healthy environment for our residents.

The Village of Dolton assists in this by issuing tickets on neglected or abandoned properties. Housing Court hearings for violations and tickets are held monthly at 14014 Park Ave, Dolton IL.

Presided over by a Hearing Officer, the violators are assessed fines which vary according to the severity.

Concerned residents can report any violations by calling 708-201-3263.

For more information, please contact the Village of Dolton’s Housing Department at 708.201.3263.