“Fly” dumping is a criminal act and we want it stopped!

By November 17, 2018village headlines

We have all seen the remnants of illegal “fly” dumping! 



Along some streets, in some alleys, perhaps in empty lots, you have seen old mattresses, old appliances, televisions sets, damaged furniture, used tires and construction debris.


Perhaps someone has even used your private property for their own illegal dumping ground!


Illegal dumping makes our village look bad and contributes to reduced property values. It also endangers the public. For example, old tires capture and hold rainwater, and standing water is prime breeding ground for mosquitoes that could transmit the West Nile Virus.


“Fly” dumping is a criminal act and we want it stopped!


Residents whose formal complaint or report results in an arrest and conviction of an illegal ‘fly’ dumper will receive a $500 REWARD!


If you witness someone dumping illegally, call 911 immediately with the following information:


– Location where the dumping is taking place

– Vehicle license plate number

– Vehicle description (including make and model)

– Make a note of what is being dumped


With your help we can bring an end to illegal ‘fly’ dumping in the Village of Dolton.

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