Trustee Robert E. Pierson Jr.
(708) 201-3270

Born and raised in Illinois, I moved to Dolton in 1984 with my wife Denise of 39 years to raise my three children.

I am employed as a plant manager of a large Tinplate Service Center located in Chicago. Though my employment began at entry level, my hard work, determination and strong leadership shills quickly separated me from the rest resulting in prompt promotions to plant manager. I have been dedicated to this position for 39 years, managing more than 50 employees constantly learning, teaching and growing while always making my family priority.

Since my childhood, I have always had strong since of right and wrong and have never wavered in my beliefs. I have always displayed characteristics of a leader and always had strong community ties.

Passionate about bringing forth growth and change in the Village of Dolton, I dedicated countless hours campaigning door to door listening to the concerns of the residents for Riley H. Rogers in the Mayoral race. I soon made the decision to take a more proactive approach and was appointed to the position of Village Trustee for the term of two years. May, 2013 through April 2015. I feel extremely privileged to hold this office and to have the unique and rewarding experience of working with the Board of Trustees in ensuring that Dolton continues to be family‚Äźorientated, well governed and a service‚Äźdedicated municipality.

Dolton Village Hall
14014 Park Avenue
Dolton, IL 60419
Office: (708) 392-4004
Cell: (708) 297-5112