‘Help For Detective Darryl Hope’

Detective Hope was shot several times at his home in Chicago, as an apparent victim of an attempted armed robbery.

A few nights ago, Detective Hope completed his afternoon shift and left the Dolton Police Department to return home after his tour of duty.

At approximately 12:09 AM, two armed assailants ambushed Detective Hope on the front porch of his home. The assailants ordered Detective Hope to step down from his porch. Detective Hope drew his weapon to defend himself, and a gunfight ensued.  He was shot multiple times, in his wrist, abdomen and upper leg.

During the gunfight, Detective Hope was able to return fire and it is his belief that he struck one offender. Both offenders fled on foot.

Detective Hope then knocked on the door and notified his wife that he had been shot. Mrs. Hope called 911 and the Chicago Police Department responded with Tactical Officers, K-9 Units, SWAT Units and a Helicopter Patrol Unit. A massive manhunt is underway to apprehend the suspects.

I spent several hours with Detective Hope along with many members of the Dolton Police Department, the Chicago Police Department, and Illinois State Police.

Detectives from the Chicago Police Department are doing a great job as they investigate this very serious violent crime, and they have some very promising leads.

We also pray that these dangerous individuals responsible for this serious violent crime are apprehended.

Sadly, Detective Hope has become a victim of the armed violence that has plagued so many communities. Detective Hope has become a victim of the type of violence that he works daily to prevent. A Go Fund Me campaign has been initiated to assist Detective Hope and his family.

Thank you all for your time, attention and your generosity. I will keep you updated regarding Detective Hope’s condition.




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