All residents who have a registered and/or owned vehicle in the Village of Dolton must purchase a vehicle sticker. If and only if you have purchased a new vehicle or recently moved into Dolton, you have 30 days to purchase.

If you trade your vehicle, be sure to remove your purchased sticker in order to transfer to your newly owned vehicle.

All 2019 stickers expire June 30, 2020. Late fees will be assessed and will increase accordingly as stated in the enforced ordinance. Citizens are responsible for staying abreast of newly/changed ordinances. All expired stickers on vehicles are subject to ticket for non-compliance.

Prices after July 1st:

Passenger Vehicle Sticker $40 to $80

Truck B $45 to $90

Motorcycle $35 to $70

Senior $5 to $10

Over Truck $60 to $120

Half-Year Sticker

If you recently purchased a half-year sticker, it has a six month validation and will also expire on June 30, 2020. The annual (July 2020  June 2021) stickers will be on sale June 1st.

Optional location to purchase Village Stickers FOR CARS ONLY are sold at the Dolton Currency Exchange located at 14200 Chicago Road, downtown Dolton.

Please Reference Ordinance No. 17-005 An ordinance Amending Section 6-1-4B Regarding License Expiration

For additional comments, please complete the Report of Concern on the website. Your concern will be forwarded to the Village Administrator for further consideration.