Property Maintenance Notice

Property Maintenance Notice
IMPC 304.2 Grass and Weeds. All premises and exterior shall be maintained free from grass, weeds or plant growth in excess of 8 inches.

In an effort to clean up the alleys in The Village of Dolton we are asking that all residents please check the alley area of your property and cut down all tall weeds and grass, trim back all overgrown trees and bushes along your fence line and any that over hanging into the alley.

Clean up and bag all debris, and place all tree branches and limbs in string tied bundles 4ft in length on the front parkway for pickup on your garbage day.

This notice applies to the front yard and parkway areas of your property as well.
Please comply by; __________________________________________________________

If you fail to correct these violations, any action taken by the Village of Dolton, the authority having jurisdiction, may be charged against the real estate upon which the structure is located with fines up to $750.00

If your property is well maintained front and rear… Thank You in advance for helping to keep Dolton Clean, Safe & Sanitary.

Charles Johnson
Director of Code Enforcement

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  1. M.E.

    The village should start enforcing the property code violations throughout the village. Starting with the alleys between Atlantic and Princeton. The area has really deteriorated in the last five years.

    1. admin

      Can you put a detailed complaint in the report a concern tab and we will forward to Public Works. Thank you


    You ask that we as residents maintain our property but you as village public works counter with snow plows that come along and destroy the lawns in front of homes. Village tree care seems to be the last thing on your priority list. Abandon properties in the village seem to go totally ignored. When every I’ve called about any of these concerns I am told to be patient, my concerns will be addressed.

  3. Pat Hansen

    I recently reported a concern to the Building Department around 9:30 A.M. on a Monday.
    By noon the Code Enforcement Officer had visited the neighbor and the issue was resolved.

    Good work – everything should be so quick and easy.

  4. hilda johnson

    is there something that can be done about the high grass, dirt & debris on the street of 158th off of greenwood ave? (please).

    the guys was filling pot holes on east end ave a few weeks ago, but they never came back to fill the pot holes on 157th street (which was just around the corner). would it be possible for them to come back to this area and fill the ones on 157th st. off of east end. thank you (i pray my tires will not get affected). thanks again for your cooperation and please respond.

    1. admin

      Please fill out a report a concern and send it in with your name and information and we will follow up with you.

  5. Shirley Roberts

    How can I file a complaint against a landlord

  6. Marion L. Lewis

    We need branch/tree limb pickup on State just south of 142nd – several houses have done maintenance but debris is spilling into the street.

  7. Janice Gaters

    Someone is dumping their grass clippings in garbage bags in front of my garage and also their tree limbs. I have lawn service and I don’t collect all these clippings. What can be done about this? Thanks

  8. Deloris Tucker

    I have been a property owner in Dolton for over twenty years. I own one of the buildings on the block of,15200 Chicago rd. There are two abandoned bldgs. The alley in back has deep ruts and there is debri strewn about. I have had to pay extra for trash that has been illegally dumped in the back and the little creek in bak is full of debri.Awful

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