Trustee Jason House

Jason M. House is a native of Dolton, Illinois and has spent well over half of his life residing in the village.  Jason graduated from Roosevelt Jr. High School and attended Thornton High before his family moved to Glenwood.  Dolton has always been home for Jason; so after completing his college degree at University of Illinois/Champaign/Urbana, he returned Dolton where in 2004 he purchased his first home.

Jason is actively engaged in the affairs of the community. Professionally he served as Bank President of US Bank in Dolton for 12 years before accepting his current position as Chief Finance Officer for the Healthcare Consortium of Illinois, a human and social service provider and one of Dolton’s largest employers.  Civically Jason serves as a Board Member/Treasurer for Chicago Global Health Alliance; and has served as a Board Member of Dolton Chamber of Commerce, the Mentor Link Unlimited Scholarship Programs, and as President of the Board of Specified Jurisdiction of Seton Academy.

Jason has been married for (5) years to his lovely wife, Rosemay.  Jason’s spiritual growth and development are vital in his life.  He is a faithful member of the Valley Kingdom International Ministries.

Jason’s hobbies include Sports Fanatic-Football, Baseball, Bowling and Basketball.  Jason is passionate about the economic growth of the community and overall wellness and prosperity of the citizens of Dolton, Illinois.

Trustee Jason House
(708) 625-1105