All residents who have a registered and/or owned vehicle in the Village of Dolton must purchase a vehicle sticker. If and only if you have purchased a new vehicle or recently moved into Dolton, you have 30 days to purchase.

If you trade your vehicle, be sure to remove your purchased sticker in order to transfer to your newly owned vehicle.

All 2020 stickers expire June 30, 2021. Late fees will be assessed and will increase accordingly as stated in the enforced ordinance. Citizens are responsible for staying abreast of newly/changed ordinances. All expired stickers on vehicles are subject to ticket for non-compliance.

Prices after July 1st:

Passenger Vehicle Sticker $40 to $80

Truck B $45 to $90

Motorcycle $35 to $70

Senior $5 to $10

Over Truck $60 to $120

Half-Year Sticker

If you recently purchased a half-year sticker, it has a six month validation and will also expire on June 30, 2021. The annual (July 2021  June 2022) stickers will be on sale May 24th.

Please Reference Ordinance No. 17-005 An ordinance Amending Section 6-1-4B Regarding License Expiration

Pay Your Vehicle Sticker and Pet Tag Online


Mayor Tiffany Henyard is keeping her commitment to make payment services more efficient by allowing residents to pay for vehicle stickers and/or pet tags online. Please complete all information requested on the payment screen.

  • If you select pay the “Senior Discount” fee, your age will be verified when you pick up the sticker.
  • If you select and pay the “Duplicate Sticker” fee, please be prepared to show proof of purchasing your first sticker.
  • If you select and pay the “Transfer” fee, please be prepared to show proof of the transfer of the sticker.

Pet Tag

  • If you purchase a Pet Tag, please be prepared to show proof of rabies vaccination.

Late Fee: A “Late Fee” will be applied after June 30th, according to Ordinance #17-005, for all payments made online for Vehicle Stickers. If you purchased a new car, and you are purchasing your Vehicle Sticker, within 30 days of the purchase date of the vehicle or after establishing residency; to NOT be charged the late fee, YOU MUST, purchase your Vehicle Sticker in-person at Village Hall

Receipt for online payments will be emailed to you. Please be prepared to display your receipt when you pick up your sticker. 

Illinois State vehicle registration and Illinois State Driver’s License are required to obtain a sticker.

**Registration is NOT required on the online payment portal page.  After clicking the pay online button below, do not log in, only click on the green QUICK PAY button to process your payment.**

For additional comments, please complete the Report of Concern on the website. Your concern will be forwarded to the Village Administrator for further consideration.