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Payment Center

Before selling/rental of a home, you are required by Village ordinance to have the house inspected. A water tax stamp is needed to change any title. The water bill must be paid in full, along with any outstanding debt to the Village. All final bills must be paid in money order or certified check. For information regarding housing transfers, call 708-201-3263 or 3397 or 3398. Applicable fees may apply to this transaction.

The Housing Department conducts annual inspections of multi-units/rental property, for information call 708-201-3263 or 3397 or 3398. There is a fee for this service.

Crime free housing program – for all property owners that have tenants – you are required to have an operator’s license with the Dolton Police and Housing Department.

According to ordinance, No Airbnb rentals!

Contact the housing department at (708) 201-3263, 3397, 3398.

Home Maintenance

You are required to maintain your property in a good state of repair at all times, outside maintenance is desirous for the well-being of the community as well as your neighborhood.

Grass is not to exceed 8 inches in length, shrubs and trees should be remove/trimmed from behind your fence or the rear of you property so as not to obstruct the alleyways for residents who use alley access to their garage.

No dumping in the alley is allowed. All refuse must be placed at the curb on your regular pick-up day.

Housing Court

Housing court is held at The Harper Municipal Center. Please enter through the board room doors off of the parking lot of the Harper Municipal Building, 14014 Park Avenue. Call the Housing Department for a schedule of court dates.


Important Documents



A: If you have someone acting as your agent, they can submit what is needed on your behalf. If you do not have a local agent, forms can be submitted via E-mail to, however, at this time we can only accept payments by mail or in person. NO PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE OVER THE PHONE OR ONLINE. Mailing address: 14122 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr., Dolton, IL 60419. Attn: Housing Dept.

A: You must complete the Rental License and Inspection application. Once you pass the inspection, you will be granted our “Certificate of Compliance – Rental Occupancy Permit.” (CHECKLIST VOD-Rental-Packet-fillable Annual Rental Property License & Inspection Application)

Note: Payments must accompany the completed application.

A: Our certificates expire 1 year (12 months) from the date the application was submitted and paid. You must pay for the renewal within 10 days of the certificate’s expiration date in order to not incur any late fees.

A: We will need a copy of a signed valid lease agreement verifying responsibility of the water, valid forms of photo ID of the Tenant, and the non-refundable $25 deposit.

A: If a housing citation has been issued, you can either pay the citation or come to court during the time dated on the citation to contest it. We DO NOT negotiate tickets in the office of Village hall.

Note: Court is held every 3rd Thursday of the month at 1PM, location: 14014 Park Ave., Dolton, IL 60419. (Click Here: Dont Get A Ticket)


A: After we receive the application and payment, we can send the inspector out within the next 2-3 days.

A: Typically, Sales inspections are scheduled within an hour window and rentals inspections are scheduled with a 30 minute window.

A: We accept, Credit/Debit, checks, and, certified funds. “NO CASH or AMERICAN EXPRESS.” (Also note, transfer stamps can only be paid with certified funds or credit/debit.)

A. All payments can be made to the Village of Dolton.

A. Yes, We have a list of registered licensed Contractors that work with the Village of Dolton that you can use at your discretion. (Click Here For VOD REGISTERED CONTRACTORS LIST )